Asleep Together

from by Llano Blue

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This may be the sweetest song I have ever written. I am particularly fond of the part where I let my guitar describe the kind of love I feel. Sometimes music is more apt than words, it's true.


i wake up in the morning after
dreaming that you’d gone, your
head is still atop the pillow next
to mine and everything is fine and

you’re still fast asleep
and i’m still half asleep

and pleased to be here
pleased to be near
you as morning sun shines
through the blinds

it’s been so long
since i’ve so much as
shared a bed with

but here we lie,
still side by side
slept through the night,
babe, you and i

guess i’ve always loved you and
i think i always will, but
the kind of love that i feel for you
ain’t the kind can easy be described

i guess it’s sort of - - -
or maybe - - -
and possibly a
little bit like - - -

let’s fall asleep together
just stay in bed forever
and if you want to hold me
hold me long and hold me tender

let’s fall asleep together
just stay in bed forever
and in our peaceful slumber
we can dream about each other


from Llano Blue's Nocturnal Habits, released August 30, 2008



all rights reserved


Llano Blue San Francisco, California

Llano River Blue is a genderqueer musician, writer, performer, and filmmaker. They also make music with The Sweet Trade. For exclusive content including early songs, check them out on Patreon!

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