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This is the earliest recorded song on the album, and one of my favorite marriages of the organ and fuzzy guitar. My favorite line is, "we were two warm bodies in a cold house".

The organ is a Farfisa "pianorgan" which I bought for fifty bucks at a junk store in Guernville. It has buttons like an accordion, 41 keys, and a broken leg. I wanted it as soon as I saw it, but the guy was like, "Don't you want to plug it in and play it?" I think I said no, but my friend Miyaka wanted to hear it, so we carried it next door to a working outlet. As soon as you turn it on, it makes a loud whirring noise. It is currently sitting in reserve in my parents' garage until I have space for it.


we were never direct about things
i guess we never had to be
there was a certain attraction
but circumstances kept us only so close

still i remember that night
curled up on the floor
you brushed your lips across my lips

they were so soft
you were so close but
holding back

it was late
you were drunk
i was wide awake

we both knew we couldn’t let things get out of hand
but we were two warm bodies in a cold house

i didn’t know what i wanted
i didn’t know what you wanted
i didn’t know what i wanted you to want

at some point you fell asleep
myslef i never did
i don’t remember now what i said
but i remember talking
to you for the longest time
before or since
that i’ve ever talked to someone
who’s asleep

you slipped through my fingers
while i was turned away
or did i turn away
so you could slip through my fingers
or did i ever have you
in my fingers at all

you never told me
about the dreams you had about me
only that you had more than one

you never told me
about the dreams you had about me
only that you had more than one

had more than one


from Llano Blue's Nocturnal Habits, released August 30, 2008



all rights reserved


Llano Blue San Francisco, California

Llano River Blue is a genderqueer musician, writer, performer, and filmmaker. They also make music with The Sweet Trade. For exclusive content including early songs, check them out on Patreon!

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